Taipei Happy Mount appreciates for all your contributions, and also thanks for all your love and caring on behalf of every service users and their families.

As for each donation, you will be able to choose whether to become Friends of Taipei Happy Mount as donate NTD$1,000 per month in a whole year to support us on continuing our services, or to certain purposes of usage such as sponsorship on daily life of service users, the essential equipment and facilities, providing high-quality of medical care or economic support to the service users with difficulties.

In addition, you can not specify the purpose and allow Taipei Happy Mount to provide mental disabilities and their families the best service and care based on the best interests of service users.

Donors will receive an official receipt after making the donations. Taipei Happy Mount will prepare official donation receipt on every donation donors made. Donors may use this receipt as proof on reduction of tax as no matter as a person or as a company. The computer operating system of Taipei Happy Mount has been inspected under the government. The credibility of it is also willing to be examined by the general public. The formal records of each donation will be issued on Taipei Happy Mount official website, newsletter for the credit check.